Welcome to the Show!

You are about to experience the finest in virtual Magic and Mindreading!  We hope you are excited and READY to participate!



How to have the best experience


Please watch the show on a laptop or desktop for optimal viewing.
Please have a deck of cards nearby! 
Please also have a smartphone with you!


Strong wi-fi is always the best!
Do not Mute yourself unless you have a distracting sound in the background (construction, kids fighting, loud music).
Participate! - In general, be communicative, expressive, and relaxed! We are going to have a lot of fun!


MindReading is very experimental over zoom.  If the energy and focus is right, I may try to get inside your mind!  Please perform ANY of the actions below if curious!

Movie MindReading (click here)

Select and Screenshot your favorite Poster!

Numerology Reading (click here)

Think a single person who you know fairly well.  Follow the numerology instructions and remember this person!

You will NEVER have to enter their name, email, cell phone etc.



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